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Efre Divina

Efré Laurence Divina - Clinical Supervisor

Efré (they/he) centres the richness of BIPOC, gender and sexual identities in their work with our community. They bow in respect to those that date differently, love longingly, and orient openly. As our Clinical Supervisor, Efré leans into relationship building as the core of achieving counselling goals and building therapeutic relationships. He believes that conscious relating is a practice: a personal proclamation to live in question, curiosity, and critique of what is expected.

Efré’s role is one of mentorship and support for the other members of our team. They support both those with years of experience as a therapist and those that are just stepping into this field as practicum students. He cultivates space to develop skills and explore strategies to ensure the community members we serve receive compassion, care, and kindness. Efré aims to bring an embodied, pleasure-focused, and trauma-attuned perspective to the magic of love & intimacy to ourselves, others, and this luscious land around us.