301 – 3491 Saanich Road, Victoria BC

Centre Hours:

9:00am – 3:00pm                          (Mon-Fri) 

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What we do

The Men’s Therapy Centre offers support and/or  counseling services to any man* (cis, trans, non-binary, 2spirit, queer, genderfluid +) and their family members, who have lived experience of trauma at any point in the lifespan. Trauma, as held within the agency, speaks to a diverse window of experience that touches across the many intersections of:

  • Early Life Trauma
    • Eg. Emotional/physical/sexual abuse in childhood, neglect, divorce/separation
  • Lifespan Relational Trauma
    • E.g. Grief/loss, ending of relationships, puberty/coming out
  • Incident Trauma
    • E.g. Motor vehicle accidents, Falls, Medical Diagnoses, Natural disasters,
      Witnessing/Experiencing violence
  • Ecological & Land-based Trauma
    • E.g. Toxicity of waste/water/food systems, impact of climate change, land defense &
      Indigenous sovereignty


We hold heartful & compassionate presence for the ways in which social context, location & intersections, particularly within certain families, communities, and societies, can complicate the experience of and tending to trauma, including but not limited to:

  • Sexual & gender identity
  • Mental health & addictions
  • Racism, ethnocentrism (with respect to Black/Brown, Indigenous and Communities of Colour)
  • Immigration, relocation, displacement, forced migration
  • Poverty & housing (or the absence/inconsistency of)
  • Health & disability

Practicum & Internship Information

MTC provides internships for a minimum of 2 MA in Counselling Psychology students each year across
the Fall/Winter, and sometimes Spring Semesters. The Men’s Therapy Centre is an advanced level
practicum (appropriate for 2nd year students, or students who have completed a prior placement) and
have developed some confidence & core counselling practices for working with complex clients.

Clients allocated to practicum students are thoroughly screened through our centralized intake within
the Victim Services Department to ensure appropriate fit for student skill level. Students working at MTC
will be exposed to clients who are 16+ and may be presenting with:

  • Low self worth, anxiety, depression, anger, multigenerational trauma, intersectional barriers to
    equity & well-being, PTSD, shame/disassociation, mental health & cognitive challenges,
    suicidality, and more.
  • We are additionally unique in supporting both survivors of harm and perpetrators of harm,
    through our commitment to addressing the roots of gender-based violence.

As part of the team, students can expect to receive exposure to & training in trauma-informed &
attuned practices (e.g. somatic attachment psychotherapy). MTC endeavours to thoroughly prepare
students to sit with clients through orientation & onboarding and to have a vast diversity of resources &
supports to guide the counselling journey through consistent supervision, peer consultation, and in-service
teachings/trainings. MTC is equally committed to working alongside students to accrue hours for
both practicum completion and submission to the appropriate governing body (e.g. BCACC or CCC), as

Thank you for considering placement at MTC. Applications are currently being received for Practicum Placements this upcoming September 2024 – April 2025. Please submit a cover letter and a resume via email to by Friday, March 29th @ 5 pm, latest. Interviews will be held between Monday, April 1st and Friday, April 12th Best of luck & we look forward to meeting you!