All workshops are flexible in design and delivery. Connect with Man Made facilitators to build workshops and discussions that meet the particular needs of your group or community

All workshop options are created to be community directed, interactive, and discussion-based. All pricing is donation-based/ pay what you can. No one will be turned away from programming due to financial barriers.

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Introduction To Masculinities

This workshop is intended to provide a brief introduction to masculinities and healthy relationships. These sessions usually last about an hour to an hour and a half and provide an overview of fundamental concepts related to masculinity,  addressing gender-based violence, and navigating consent. We recommend that the complete foundations program is required to facilitate meaningful engagement with the program topics and skill development.

(Suggested Donation to Program $100)

Foundation Workshop Series

Our foundations workshop series encourages participants to be active in their own education by inviting them to explore their perceptions related to gender identity and healthy relationships through reflection on personal life experiences, facilitated discussions, collaborative activities and skill-based exercises. Our program is designed to be facilitated over a five part foundations workshop series that explores both individual and relational wellness through: identity mapping; emotional wellness; media and self-image; healthy relationships; and community building.

(Suggested Donation to Program $300)

The words "barriers to healthy relationships" written in blue dry erase marker on a white board. Around these words is a web of post-its describing various qualities that describe unhealthy relationships such as abuse and no consent.