Identity Mapping

Identity mapping takes participants on a reflective journey of self-exploration. During this workshop groups explore how our identities are constructed and influenced through affirming self-expressive practices, and examining our understanding of diversity, difference, and equity.

Emotional Wellness

The emotional wellness workshop is designed to build comfort and support through mental health awareness. Activities and discussions in this unit challenge stigma related to mental health, but also provide strategies for attaining wellness. Skill development in this unit provides insight into emotional literacy, promoting mental wellness, and strategies for building emotional support systems.

Silhouettes of four men sitting on a grassy hill looking into the distance. Deep blue mountains and skies out of focus in the background.
Young man with glasses wearing a denim shirt and jeans leaning against a concrete wall and glancing towards the camera.

Media And Self Image

In this workshop participants examine how social influences are powerful forces for understanding how we perceive ourselves and develop relationships with others. This includes interactive activities and discussions examine social media, popular media, and news media through a critical lens.

Healthy Relationships

This workshop is focused on the concept of relational wellness including consent, relationship skills, rejection, and healthy boundaries. The goal in this unit is to develop skills that are useful for relationship-based communication.

Two boys rest on a car hood watching the sunset over the forest in a quiet moment of friendship.
Side angle view of at least 50 young people in an auditorium arms raised towards the stage.

Community Building

The final workshop provides an understanding of diversity and inclusion from a community- based perspective. In this workshop participants develop strategies for leadership roles in their communities, and strategize goal development for healthy change in the future. The section will sometimes include a guest speaker.