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Outreach Connections with Mathew

Mathew Davydiuk

(pro-nouns: he/him, they/them)

My Background

Mathew, or Mati, has over 10 years experience working one-on-one and in groups with both men and youth. Most of his work has involved experiential diversity training, anti-oppressive practice, and exploring how masculinity shapes men’s lives. Mathew is a Lay Counsellour at Citizens Counselling, has an indigenous studies diploma, and is a practicum student with the School of Social Work, currently doing his practicum at the Men’s Trauma Centre. Mathew is an outreach worker at the MTC and has his own Consulting and Wellness business for men as well.

My Specialities

Mathew is passionate about transformative work that is relationally healing and grounded in developing meaningful long-term relationships. Mathew identifies as a Disabled, Cis-man, Celtic settler with multiple invisible disabilities, and roots his practice in earth-based Celtic practices. he is a long time/term community member that cares deeply about transforming men’s lives and the people who are in a relationship with them.

Many, many thanks to the queer, men, trans, indigenous, women, folk that have and continue to inform my work. I could do none of this without the knowledge you have shared with me.