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Outreach and Education

Speaker Presentations/ Community Education

Are you interested in learning more about men’s mental health?

Many men find it hard to ask for help. Men are often encouraged to act tough and to bury our emotional vulnerabilities. In many case, this leads to years of silence, trauma, shame, and isolation. Our work aims to break down these barriers to mental health access so that men can improve their self worth, their relationships with others, and be supported in better understanding the violence that they have encountered in their lives.

In an effort to address the issues particular to men’s mental health, we offer facilitated conversations and training on the following topics for community groups, private groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, and local events:

  • Being a Good Man in 2021: Healthy Expressions of Masculinity
  • Finding Joy in Connection: Consent-Based Communication
  • Ending Violence: Being an Ally for Survivors

Presentations are generally one hour, but can be adapted to meet your particular needs. Presentations can either be done in-person or online. You supply the venue and we supply the learning. Cost for the presentations is on a sliding scale/donation basis. Suggested speaker honorarium is $200 per hour. To inquire about our presentations please email or call 250-381-6367.