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Victim Services

These are the first people you will see when you come to the Men’s* Therapy Centre; there is no charge to see a Victim Service worker.
Victim Services workers are here to offer you short-term emotional and practical support.

They can:

  • Give information about reporting your abuse/assault to the police if you want to
  • Help you understand how trauma can affect you and your family
  • Help you prepare for court should you choose to pursue charges against your offender
  • Refer you to one of our counsellors for ongoing therapy
  • Help you apply for Crime Victim Assistance funding for ongoing counselling, should you not be able to pay for yourself
  • Refer you to other social service agencies you may need
PositionName Cost per Hour
Victim Services CoordinatorSusan FarrFree
Victim Services position openFree

* man/male/boy includes cis, gay, bi-sexual, trans, non-binary, 2spirit, queer, gender fluid+